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Breathe, We Got This

I want our minds, bodies, and souls to be healthy. I think it is the cornerstone of building a better world. My offerings are aimed at providing the space, time, tools, and connection needed to become our BEST selves. 

what do i offer?

Arts &  Wellness Integration Residencies


These week long art Integration and/or wellness integration experiences are a fusion between student programming and in-class professional development. Teachers observe the delivery of 4 lessons plans that use arts/wellness as a vehicle to deliver academic instruction while simultaneously teaching art/wellness concepts.


These lessons plans are delivered in real-time the classrooms with their students. Lessons plans, materials, and review videos are provided to support independent delivery upon the departure of the teaching artist.


For more information find the catalog 



Family Wellness

This interactive workshop focuses  on giving parents and children common vocabulary and tools to stay calm, improve communication, and be well TOGETHER! An infusion of gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises, and make and take mindfulness crafts, this workshop immerses families in opportunities to practice their newly acquired knowledge and use mindfulness tools in real-time in a relaxed and engaging environment.


Morning J.A.M.M.

Journaling, Affirmations, Movement, and Meditation: Planning and establishing a morning routine to center yourself in love, joy, and awareness before you tackle the day.


Creative Energy

This workshop sets the stage to unleash the creative in you. An intentionally curated space that allows you to explore creative writing, movement, singing, visual art, and rest. Those that wish to share their work  will feature their work in a workshop gallery. Great for wellness events/retreats, family engagement nights, couples events/ retreats and conferences.


Find your JOY!

Full-filled workshop that makes space for play, intentional reflection on joy, and commitment to invite more. This workshop includes movement,  BUBBLES, crafts, journaling, and sharing.



Family Yoga

Self Regulation Strategies, yoga, and crafts

*classes serving over 30 people will increase in price


Children's yoga classes

Children’s yoga classes may include yoga, storytime, breathing, and  mindfulness crafts.


West african dance

Beginner level. West African dance design for dancers of all ages. No previous experience necessary. Come learn about the historical background and culture context of the movement, while engaging in movement that is healthy for your body, mind, and soul!





A dynamic speaker electrifies audiences with life altering messages on the topics of motherhood, wellness, and self-care. Delivered with relatable tone and peppered with practical strategies the participants will leave the event feeling inspired and with practical tools for make lasting wellness/ lifestyle/parenting changes. 


Retreats: Coming Soon!

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