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To cultivate healed and creative individuals equipped to build a more collaborative, loving, and healthy society.

Creative Healing is an organization that seeks to use creativity as a vehicle to reconnect to ourselves and new possibilities. We will help to tranform lives through the transformative and healing powers of art, community, and love. Our goal is to reconnecting people to the original medicines: joy, nature, movement, mindfulness and each other in order heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Our ultimate goal at Creative Healing is to cultivate the healed and creative self so that we can creatively address systems, institutes and social structures that no longer serve us and establish something new that centers wellness, care, and freedom.  

Founded by Shanina Carmichael artist, social worker, and certified yoga instructor; Creative Healing was born out of a passion to see people holistically well. The founder's personal experience with yoga, art, meditation, and nature; and their transformative power to heal has planted a desire expand access to arts for healing. Understanding that there are so many barriers to accessing the time to meet and cultivate our creative selves, there is a heavy emphasis on community, mutual aid, and village care for children to remove some of those barriers. 

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